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Here are some prayer points to help you in your day of prayer on Wednesday 1st of April. Thanks for investing the time in prayer.

– Pray for believers to repent of all the trivial things we have been living for and start living for Christ and eternity as we all should.

– Pray that Christians will not waste the free time many now have but rather invest this time, as we hunger for God’s truth and face.

– Pray that among believers, there will be a widespread getting right with each other, as we get right with God.

– Pray that all believers will not be ashamed of the Gospel as we lovingly tell others about Jesus.

– Pray that the fear of God will fall on the nation against resulting in a widespread turning to the Lord.

– Pray for God’s mercy to restrain COVID-19’s progress throughout the land and when He does, we will tell others we have been praying for this, thus giving God all the glory.

– Pray for everyone working on the front line – especially pray for their salvation. Pray for doctors, nurses, paramedics; porters; administration staff; physios; OT’s; radiographers; pharmacists; lab staff; cleaners; chaplains and now ex-retirees and student doctors and nurses. Pray for them – they are afraid of catching this disease. Ask God for His merciful protection of them.

– Pray that enough PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) will be provided for all who need it.

– Pray for carers and relatives. Some may have their normal care package disrupted and this will cause stress and heartache to very vulnerable people and their families.

– Pray for those needing surgery or cancer treatment, who are now facing delays. This is emotionally very hard for patients and staff.

– Pray that all who are set over us in authority will be given God’s continuing wisdom in handling the present situation.

– Pray that a refining of Christ’s church will take place and all professing Christians will be salt and light for God’s glory.

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