The Juniors held our first ever Light Party over the half-term break.  The party kicked off with a special Science demonstration from our in-house Chemist and GB Captain  Kay.  Kay taught us about the science of light and carried out some light related experiments.  This included creating a rainbow using a prism and an experiment to show how glow sticks work.  The highlight was a special Woosh-bottle experiment which lit up the hall !

The boys were taught about the creation of light in the Bible, and how Jesus Christ is the light of the world and how we can really shine when He is in our lives.  The boys took part in games and challenges using light before getting booted up for Mount Stewart.

It was a very wet and windy night as we reached Mount Stewart but the rain stopped and the wind calmed down as we got out of the cars, allowing us to head into the “Festival of Lights”.  The lake and trees had coloured lights on them which changed with the background music.  The boys, in between jumping in the many puddles, made their way around the lake taking in the amazing lights and sounds.

No trip would be complete without the customary stop off in McDonalds on the way home.  The boys and leaders had a great night even if it was a bit wet under foot!  Some photos and footage of the night is shown in the clip below.


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