Introducing ‘The Faith Project’



As a minister, I often hear people say ‘I don’t know what I’d do without faith’. Speaking personally, I can say that the more my faith has grown, the more I can’t imagine trying to live without it. But what is faith, and how do we develop it if we find we don’t have much of it? What makes faith different to wishful thinking? And why is faith in Jesus so important?

These are some of the questions we’ll be exploring this autumn at First Saintfield as we look at the story of Abraham. Abraham’s story is found near the start of the book of Genesis, the first book in the Bible. Abraham didn’t start out with a lot of faith – we’ll hear about his doubts and his wrong turnings and about God’s patience and kindness. We’ll also hear of God’s promises that God would bring his blessing to the world through Abraham, and that Abraham would be the father of a multitude of spiritual children, as countless as the stars in the sky. Whatever we make of these stories, it’s hard to deny that that last promise at least has come true: across the world today billions of people worship the God of Abraham and share something of Abraham’s faith.

So if you don’t have a local church of your own we would love you to come and join us this autumn as we pray, sing, listen again to these ancient stories and reflect on their meaning for us. Sunday morning services begin at 11am and last up to an hour and a quarter, with coffee and juice served beforehand. There is no dress code, and no pressure to do anything other than listen. For primary aged children Kidzone takes place during the second half of the service and will be following the Abraham story too. For secondary aged children there is a breakfast club meeting from 10am before the service on alternate Sundays, beginning 17th September.

If you’ve missed a service or want to see what a service is like before you come, recordings are available on YouTube or wherever you get your podcasts.

We hope you’ll join us this autumn for ‘the Faith Project’. You’ll be very welcome.



Sunday, 3 September Abram’s gospel
Sunday, 10 September Abram’s doubt
Sunday, 17 September Abram’s victory
Sunday, 24 September Abram’s covenant
Sunday, 1 October Abram’s experiment
Sunday, 8 October Abraham’s new covenant
Sunday, 15 October Abraham’s friends
Sunday, 22 October Abraham’s son
Sunday, 29 October Abraham’s ally
Sunday, 5 November Abraham’s obedience
Sunday, 12 November Abraham’s inheritence
Sunday, 19 November Abraham’s family
Sunday, 26 November Abraham’s death


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