Collection Time: Tuesday 7-8 pm Location: 2nd Saintfield Presbyterian Car park

Thank you for your support to our food collection over the past year. At what has been a very difficult time for many- you have been a vital link in the chain to make a difference in the lives of those in need, by providing food & toiletries on a regular basis.

Over the past year, we became aware of other groups of folk desperately needing our help, and so we now find ourselves In a position where we provide food & toiletries for the following groups on a 3 weekly rota.

  1. Fountain Food Bank Downpatrick – a local cross community charity responding to God’s love, by providing emergency food parcels to those who find themselves in difficult circumstances. If you or someone you know needs help- Tel:  07444015883  or email:
  2. Womens Aid- reaches out to all those affected by domestic violence, providing places of refuge for those in need of a place of safety. They support families in their homes and provide educational programmes for schools / Women’s  groups  etc-  highlighting the signs and effects of domestic abuse, and the help and support available to those affected by it. The food /toiletries we donate to them, is used in their refuges and also distributed among victims of domestic abuse who have been rehomed. Sadly the need is great and the donations we deliver are very much appreciated, especially by the families who receive them.
  3. International Meeting Point (IMP) reaches out to migrants/ asylum seekers and the homeless in the city. Many have fled from war/violence/ abuse and other horrendous atrocities having nothing but the clothes they are standing in.

They welcome people from over 30 different countries and are dedicated to meeting their practical/spiritual needs. They offer a wide variety of help- providing food & clothing, offering legal advice, running English classes etc. They are supported by volunteers, with close to 80 people from over 20 churches involved on a regular basis.

 The International Meeting Point reaches out with God’s love to the ‘stranger’ in Belfast and to all those who find themselves on the fringes of society.

We look forward to your continued support for this important work.

Many Thanks & Every Blessing


Suzanne & Sharon

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