What’s On

In addition to our Sunday Services and weekly Power House meeting, we run a variety of events and activities every week as detailed in our calendar. New faces are always welcome. If you would like any further information about an activity or event, or would like to speak to the leader/ organiser, please contact our church office and they will be happy to help.

Sunday Morning Sermon Schedule

Haggai – ‘Putting First Things First’

On Sunday mornings we are studying the book of Haggai under the overall title of ‘Putting first things first’.  The people of God in Haggai’s day made every excuse in the book for not doing God’s work. Not all the excuses were wrong, but they were all sinful because they caused the people to push God from the centre to the circumference of life.

DateTopicBible Reading

Sunday Evening Sermon Schedule

The Person And The Work Of The Holy Spirit

Our Sunday evening sermon series entitled ‘Experiencing God Today’, will focus on the Holy Spirit. In our recent sermons on Acts, we have frequently seen the activity of God the Holy Spirit. As a result of this series of teachings, let’s pray that we all might receive a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

DateTopicBible Reading
22nd March 2020The Fruit Of The Spirit
5th April 2020The Gifts Of The spirit
Friday 10th April 2020What The Cross Meant To Jesus
12th April 2020What The Cross Meant To Satan
19th April 2020Evening Worship
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